Weather It's Hot or Cold!

Today at DD Pro Imaging studio's, lead photographer and co-owner David Alves had the pleasure of working with model Julia Grechinenko. First the shoot started really hot and smokey, utilizing our awesome smoke machine.

 However, once David felt like he captured the best shots of Julia indoors, it was Doga's turn. Doga is also a co-owner and lead photographer at DD Pro Imaging. Doga's idea of turning up the heat on this shoot was not something the model had planned for. 

But, with a little enthusiasm from our intern and model Ginaya Greene, Julia agreed to Doga's outdoor request. What better way to finish a steamy shoot with something chill to talk about. Such as, a daring winter shoot on the roof (again)!

Boston has been dishing out some weather lately so why not incorporate Mother Nature herself and that's just what we do here!


 Photographed at DD Pro Imaging studios, Somerville , MA