Presenting the "Simple" Fashion shoot

Last weeks fashion shoot was a collaboration of beautiful garments which were picked and styled by our fashion intern Angela Katehis and awesome makeup by upcoming MUA Madi Doonan. The overall theme of the shoot was simplicity. 

Models: Sanisa & Alex
Make-up and Hair: Madi D.
Styling: Angela Katehis
Photographers: Doga and David
Intern Photographers: Justin, Ginaya and Angela

Today's fashion consists of many colors, patterns and visual deception. However, with this fashion shoot, simple garments were key. In this photo of our intern Ginaya Greene, simplicity was exactly what we we're going for and by adding some creative makeup we were able to pull off a simple, yet fashionable look.

 For the rest of the shoot we decided to add more accessories and clothing choices to add flair to the shoot even more so than just fun makeup. The next shots show a range of apparel and how simple lighting techniques and stylized posing can have a dramatic effect.

Wearing: Vintage Green Dress, Vintage Black purse, Free People Patton Porkpie black hat, Vintage 80s blazer with High shoulder padding

Wearing: Zara black dress, Black Pump Heels from Steve Madden

Wearing: Skull head white ripped dress from Japan, Jean American jacket vintage, Tan wedge Steve Madden heels

Wearing: Beautiful hand made Indian Sari

Wearing: Tan Stiletto Steve Madden heel, Red Strapless round dress vintage

Wearing: 70s one piece jumper, Tan wedge heels Steve Madden

The look for the shoot was utilizing our entire studio from the industrial elevator to the enchanting stair case, which added a sense of sophistication to the garments. The background wasn't the only thing that added class but, the beautiful models added their own personality to the final image.


 Photographed at DD Pro Imaging studios, Somerville , MA